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Rehousing Leica Macro lens

01 Feb,2019

微距镜头对于影像表达来说,有着不可忽视的地位。而目前市场上可以购买到的影视类微距镜头有阿莱ARRI/ZEISS的微距100mm、IBE的微距 60mm、100mm、150mm和180mm,都价格不菲。

而在相机镜头领域,有不少表现极为出色的的微距镜头,克诺(KO Film Rental)与国内外著名公司合作中,将莱卡135mm相机镜头中的2颗微距镜头做了特殊改装。它们分别是:LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm f2.8和 Leica APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 60mm f2.8。

Macro lenses play an important role in image expression. Most of the film and television macro lenses you find in the market, such as the ARRI/ZEISS Master Macro 100, or the IBE 60mm, 100mm, 150mm and 180mm are quite expensive. At the same time, there are many excellent macro lenses for still photography. KO Film Rental, in cooperation with well known companies at home and abroad, has made special modifications to two of Leica's 135mm photo lenses. They are the LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm f2.8 and the LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 60mm f2.8.


LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm 在2.8光圈全开的时候无论中心还是边缘成像都非常锐利,散景稳定柔和,收到4.1/2 - 5.6.1/2可以说是微距镜头中最好的表现。Leica APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm 因为停产,所以在选购上,我们也是下了不少功夫。


When the 2.8 aperture is fully open, both the center and the edge of the image are very sharp, while the scatter is stable and soft. When tightened up to 4.1/2-5.6.1/2, it’s got some of the best performance in macro lenses. Since production has stopped for the LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 100mm, pursuing it wasn’t easy.


LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R 60mm这只微距镜头也非常的优秀,在光圈全开的时候,中心锐度很好,散景比较丰富,光圈收到收到5.6 - 8的时候影响表现极为优秀。拥有60mm的视角,会让镜头内的影像表达更加丰富。


When the aperture is fully open, the center sharpness is very good and the scatter is relatively rich. When the aperture is closed to 5.6-8, the performance is still excellent. With a 60 mm, the image expression in the lens will be even richer. 


在相机领域的60毫米以下的微距镜头中,大多数品牌的镜头边缘成像会出现红绿色边等杂色,即便收缩光圈也无法完全去掉的色差,但是LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R的这2颗镜头没有这种色差,经得住大屏幕的考验,并且在“哈苏镜头实验室”的排名都名列前茅,锐度和解像度都是莱卡镜头的顶级工艺。

In macro lenses under 60mm, most brands have problems with other colors, like red and green, appearing on the edge of the image. Even after closing down the aperture, the chromatic aberration still can’t be completely removed. However, the LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-R lenses don’t suffer from chromatic aberration. They can withstand the test of a large screen, and consistently rank in the top in lab tests. Both the sharpness and the resolution show the top qualities of the Leica lenses.


We choose these two lenses to modify because of the increasing needs from DPs in China, where the choices for LEICA Marco lenses are very limited. In practice, we can use a magnifying lens to increase the image performance, but the “original flavor” of the macro is hard to replace. In cooperation with excellent domestic and international film and television lens rehousing experts, KO made use of their years of rehousing experience to rebuild the overall mechanical structure. At present, the focus ring calibration of the two lenses is nearly 300 degrees, releasing “the charm of the macro”.


如果摄影师选用的是95mm口径的镜头,例如:ARRI MA、ARRI/ZEISS UP、LEICA 等,我们还为您准备了一个LEICA的1倍放大镜。

If a DP needed a 95mm, such as ARRI MA, ARRI/ZEISS UP, LEICA, etc., we also prepared a LEICA magnifying glass for you.


除了微距镜头和放大镜的2种使用方法之外,克诺(KO Film Rental)还为影视拍摄提供更“有意思”的转接环,就是“PL转PL增距转接环”。PL转接环套装采用独创设计,可以降低PL卡口镜头的最小焦距,将最小焦距减小到前部元件的几英寸范围内,同时保持最佳图像质量,从而获得与独特微距镜头类似的效果。

In addition to using a macro lens and a magnifier, KO Film Rental also provides a more "interesting" adapter for film and television production. The “PL to PL distance increasing adapter”.  With our unique design, this PL adapter can reduce the minimum focal length to a few inches before the frontal component, while maintaining the best image quality, and achieving a similar quality to a macro lens.



The kit has 2 lengths, 15mm and 20mm, and can be superimposed to a 35mm extension. Even the longest focal length lens can achieve the most realistic close-range effect. Our PL extension adapter rings are designed and manufactured by Duclos, USA. Stainless steel components, precision tolerances and optical plane inner surface are carefully combined to reduce stray light and ensure the highest quality. Suitable for S35 and 35FF format lenses.



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